Join us for the last Positive Birth Meeting for 2016


This Sunday (27 November) is the last Positive Birth Movement (Havering) meeting for 2016. This month’s discussion is around caesarean sections, but no doubt we will talk about other things!

These meetings are free to attend and are a friendly and informal way to meet with other mums-to-be, mums and birth professionals to discuss things that are pregnancy and birth related.

The group is run by Lynn Zanatta from The Daisy Foundation Havering and Christine from Magical Baby Moments is always there to offer additional friendly tips from a hypnobirthing point of view.

Come and join us at Harris + Hoole inside Tesco at Roneo Corner, Romford. (10am-12pm).

No need to register, just show up.

Join October’s Group hypnobirthing course in Romford

If you’re 20+ weeks pregnant and looking for a comprehensive antenatal course that teaches you everything you need to know about labour and birth; the choices that you have and fabulous techniques that will keep you calm, confident and relaxed. 

This evening group course, taking place in October will get you fully prepared for your baby’s arrival and beyond!

Get in touch!

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Another great weekend teaching Hypnobirthing to expectant parents in Romford 

This weekend 10 & 11 September saw more expectant parents in the Romford area learn about hypnobirthing. Here’s what they had to say about the course: 

“I feel more informed and now have an idea on how I want the birth of my baby to be.” Nisha

“I am a lot calmer and more positive about giving birth.” Sarah

“Hypnobirthing is something every expectant couple should try and experience. There is so much to think about when preparing for your baby and this helps to focus, through a condensed information pack and relaxation scripts.” Mayank

“I feel much better now, as this is our first baby. I didn’t know what to expect but now I feel more confident it will be s nice experience.” Sergio

If you want to prepare for your baby’s birth, find out more on Magical Baby Moments website.

Be informed and prepared for your baby’s birth

So if you’re expecting a baby, you have no doubt been excited throughout your pregnancy.  As the labour looms ever-closer, perhaps that excitement is fading and other feelings are creeping in as the unknown of that big day rears its head.

For many first-time mums, friends and family members will fill their heads with negative aspects of the birthing experience and they will use words like ‘pain’, ‘trauma’ to talk about their births, as well as describe the menu of pain-relief options that they needed to ‘get through it’. All of this is extremely damaging to the mum-to-be.

Let’s ask ourselves a quick question. Why do all other animals cope so well with birth (without medical assistance) but us mere mortals just aren’t able to? Or can we? Is it just the mindset that we have conditioned ourselves to think that is the barrier to us being able to enjoy and celebrate birth as an exciting and empowering experience?

In recent years, women are seeking out hypnobirthing courses, as a full antenatal preparation class, which not only teaches them the physical side of what is happening to the body during labour, but also teaches them tools and techniques to manage labour more efficiently and calmly. They believe that there must be more to us and that we should be more aligned with our friends in the animal kingdom.

So what is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a tried and tested method that prepares a woman in giving birth in a peaceful and natural way, often without the need for medical intervention. Women who hypnobirth learn special breathing techniques, relaxation, visualisation and meditative practice that help them stay relaxed in labour, and as a result tend to have an easier and shorter labour. They learn to trust in nature and trust in their bodies.

Why should you choose hypnobirthing for your baby’s birth?

Women who use hypnobirthing during labour found that hypnobirthing encourages the birth experience to be natural, calm and comfortable. It often allows the mother to feel more alert and in control, as well as giving them the tools to manage the intensity of labour. This often results in not needing the level of pain-relief that she had anticipated and in some cases they don’t need any at all.

Hypnobirthing classes also help teach the birthing partner to be actively involved and reinforces the important role that they have in the birth, both supporting mum and protecting their baby.

Used correctly, the hypnobirthing breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques lessens the physical impact of childbirth, as the techniques encourage the mother to work with her body gently – this often results in shorter labours. All of this combined, potentially allows the baby to be born in a calm, gentle and drug-free atmosphere,

Magical Baby Moments Group Hypnobirthing Course JulyWhat to expect in a hypnobirthing class:

You will come away understanding how the body and mind work together; appreciating that the mind is much more powerful than we realise. You will also be taught:

  • Self-hypnosis – to help you to induce deep relaxation
  • Fear release methods – to allow you to be relaxed and confident for the birth
  • Massage techniques – to stimulate endorphins, your body’s natural pain-killer
  • Visualisation exercises – to keep you grounded, calm and positive
  • Positions for labour and birth – staying in an upright position can help to shorten the length of your labour

The ideal time to start classes is anytime after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This will allow you ample time to practise. If you’re already past this stage, don’t be put off. You can still benefit from classes in your last weeks of pregnancy as the techniques are simple to understand and easy to practice.

Magical Baby Moments is based in Romford, Essex and offers regular group courses or private classes to couples every month. To find out more visit or call Christine on 07764 680 215.

Hypnobirthing weekend course in May

Wanting a positive and relaxed birth? Don’t miss out on the upcoming weekend course.

Magical Baby Moments Group Hypnobirthing Course – 7 & 8 May, Romford, Essex.

Learn how to:
⭐️Release fear and tension – to avoid pain and intervention

⭐️⭐️ Learn to instantly switch off outside distractions – to induce deep relaxation

⭐️⭐️⭐️Use visualisation exercises and affirmations – to keep you confident, calm and positive.

Small intimate groups in a friendly relaxing environment in Romford.
Call to book your place. Details are on magicalbabymoments website.

Book before 1 May and get two Maternity Meet-up relaxation sessions for free (worth £20).
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It’s your choice – decide how you want the labour that is right for you and your baby

If you’re on your first pregnancy, no doubt you have been reading countless books, been getting advice from medical professionals and recommended by family and friends what you should do.

The choice of how your labour plays out is in your hands – it doesn’t need to be totally managed or completely natural (unless that’s what you want). it can be a blend of many things. Here are some things to consider:

  • Where to have your baby, hospital, midwife-led unit or home birth
  • Birthing partner there throughout, or asked not to be part of some procedures
  • Medical induction of labour or a spontaneous start
  • Amniotomy or spontaneous rupture of membranes
  • Baby monitored electronically or by the manual Sonicaid
  • Confined to the bed or being mobile
  • Types of pain relief, natural like hypnobirthing techniques such as breathing and visualisations or medical such as gas and air, pethidine and epidural
  • The position in which to deliver your baby
  • Natural expulsion of the placenta
  • Who the baby goes to first after being born

These are just some considerations to decide upon, that can help you create the right birth plan that is for you.

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